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Focus on results

VapourTech ApS would like to invite existing and new customers as well as business partners into our world of skilled and motivated freelance project managers. We are ready to make a difference and create results.

Clients at VapourTech ApS

Project management services

At VapourTech, we have a holistic approach to project management. Our objective is to motivate and organize the human skills so that each project is completed within the quality, time and budget frameworks agreed with the customer.

Machine Industry

Energy Sector

Medical Industry

VapourTech defined by?

Cooperation makes a winning team

We believe that through positive and welcoming dialogue as well as professional and honest communication; the defined objectives are best achieved. We therefore work dedicated as a team member creating grater results. We like winning best, making a difference, and daily success with one step at a time in the right direction.

We push the limits

Vapour Phase Technology ApS created the world’s first combined inline reflow and vapour phase soldering machine at a time when the financial markets were limited and difficult to access. Despite this, VapourTech ApS with the help of Vækstfonden and investor CAT Symbion managed to raise capital and thereby engineered, developed and patented a unique inline SMD vapour phase soldering machine, which was delivered to Styromatic A/S in 2005.