About VapourTech

We are project professionals supporting companies with implementation of innovative technologies

With a technical engineering background, we fully understand the application our customers want to implement. As skilled project professionals we ensure optimal and efficient project execution with knowledge sharing across the project and with a qualified and constructive dialog with our customers. We ensure that there is a clear definition of work from the start of the project so that together we reach the defined objectives.

Today, VapourTech is a consultancy that professionally and efficiently contributes with project professionals from concept development to project handover. Project management is today our primary service, and we ensure our customers’ interests loyally and dedicatedly throughout the entire project process.

Since 2008, VapourTech has worked exclusively with external project consulting and has contributed with skills across industries. We have managed unique development projects, efficiency- and optimization projects within leading technology companies.

Vapour Phase Technology ApS

Innovative technology development

VapourTech ApS was established in 2001 by Electronic Engineer Lars G. Dokkedahl as a technology development company for development of a unique and patented production technology for soldering SMD electronics according to the principle called vapour phase soldering, from which the company name Vapour Phase Technology or for short VapourTech originates.

The pictures that decorate the website are taken by this Inline vapor phase soldering machine.