Certified project management

Prince2 and IPMA certified project management

At VapourTech, we have a holistic approach to project management. Our objective is to motivate and organize the human skills so that each project is completed within the quality, time and budget frameworks agreed with the customer.

Every project is a unique task with specific requirements and clear objectives. Successful implementation of technological development projects, production facilities or IT systems requires experienced and qualified management who can plan ahead, solve questions and maintain focus throughout the project process.

Project services

VapourTech provides project management services for projects within the machine industry, medico industry, the energy sector and IT system implementation, including


We are specialists with an engineering background and extensive project management training via EBA, Prince2 or IPMA certification and have many years of practical project management experience with development, optimization and efficiency projects as well as Six Sigma reliability design and risk management of diverse projects in many industries.